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The Philosophy of Education at Bermuda Institute provides a Christ centered curriculum that fosters the development of the physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of our students. This is acquired through the combined efforts of the home, church, and the school in harmony with the standards and ideals of the Seventh day Adventist Church. This kind of harmonious development brings about a high level of satisfaction in service to the world community and preparation for the new life hereafter.

Bermuda Institute is committed to encouraging its students to develop a personal relationship with God, challenging them to academic, physical and social excellence, thus equipping them for Heaven, service to God and their fellow men.


Statement of Objectives

In harmony with our philosophy of developing the whole person, our objectives are as follows:

1. To reflect the image of Christ in daily living.
2. To prepare the student for service to God and man.
3. To develop in the student qualities needed for church leadership in various levels of responsibility.
4. To encourage the student to interpret world events in light of Biblical prophecy.
5. To encourage habits of spiritual reading and study.
6. To acquaint the student with a knowledge of SDA doctrines.

1. To develop within the student not only a quest for knowledge but also a desire to

arrive at the highest degree of excellence in accordance with his ability.
2. To develop minds trained to view with understanding and with historical perspective the religious, social,

scientific, racial, and economic forces which shape contemporary life.
3. To stimulate thought and culture by intellectual contact with the greatest thinkers of our own and former times,

and to foster an appreciation of the best in books, nature, music and fine arts.

1. To help the students understand and practice the principles of healthful living and to recognize that physical

fitness is the foundation for any achievement of life.
2. To encourage students to consume only such products as will contribute to their well being, and to practice

temperance and moderation in all aspects of life.
3. To impress upon the student's mind the importance of sportsmanship.

1. To train each student in the duties and responsibilities of citizenship.
2. To encourage good manners, taste, and judgment in social decisions.
3. To encourage the student to develop a pleasant Christian personality.
4. To teach students to regard others as worthy of respect and infinite value, and to accept others as friends

regardless of social origin.

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