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Bermuda Institute has been established primarily for the children and youth of the Seventh day Adventist Church in grades kindergarten through twelve. However, membership in the church is not a requirement for admission. Students who come from a non Seventh day Adventist background will be accepted if space is available if they pledge to abide by the regulations of Bermuda Institute, which is a Seventh day Adventist Institution. No discrimination is made with regard to race, color, or national or ethnic origin.


All who present themselves for enrollment are expected to assert their respect and honor for the religious principles upon which the school is founded and to pledge themselves to support the effort of teachers and all conscientious students.

In the judgment of the school, the religious phase of the student's education is of paramount importance. Students applying for entrance thereby pledge themselves to maintain the Christian standards of the institution, attend regularly scheduled religious services and give due respect to things spiritual.

Only those students who are in harmony with the standards of the school are invited to come. Those unwilling to give due respect to these principles, those careless in deportment, and those with little or no desire to study should not apply for admission.



In accordance with the admissions policy at Bermuda Institute, students representing Bermuda Institute are required to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the standards of the school in dress and deportment.

As a counterpart to this requirement, students who wear the school uniform are indirectly representing the school. Therefore, whenever students are dressed in the Bermuda Institute uniform, they are required to comport themselves in harmony with the principles and regulations of the school.



The success of Christian education relies on the partnership between the home and the school. Therefore, when parents seek to place their children at Bermuda Institute, it is assumed that they are prepared to cooperate with the school and are in agreement with its objectives and obligations. Hence, parents are asked to take an active part in the school program through active involvement in classroom activities and school events as chaperones for field trips, helpers during the holidays, assistants during playground supervision and with other special events.


Attendance at Bermuda Institute is a privilege and not a right. Therefore, this privilege may be forfeited by any student (or family) who does not conform to the standards and regulations of the school.

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