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All prospective students must submit an application form which may be obtained from the school office, the headquarters of the Bermuda Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, located on King Street in Hamilton, or on our website through the link below. When all pages are completed, the application documents may be submitted to the school office or mailed to:

Admissions Committee
Bermuda Institute
P.0. Box SN 114
Southampton SNBX, Bermuda

Admissions Office


The school will not process any applications until all the following items have been received:

1. Application form with $50 non refundable, non-transferable, non-deferrable application fee.
2. Medical forms completed and signed by the child's doctor.
3. Copy of certified birth certificate or passport.
4. *Transcript of all credits/grades earned in other schools.
5. Personal reference letter from the child's teacher describing his/her class performance and behavior.
6. If non-Bermudian, documentation from the Ministry of Labour, Home Affairs & Housing confirming that your child is a bona fide resident of Bermuda.
7. Latest aptitude test results and standardized achievement results.
8. A reference letter from the child's Sabbath or Sunday School teacher, if applicable.

* If the child is accepted, official transcripts of all the child’s credits / grades earned in other schools will be required. Parents are responsible for having the present (or previous) school forward the applicant's transcript to Bermuda Institute.


It is the policy of the Seventh day Adventist Church in all its church operated schools, on all levels in the North American Division, which includes Bermuda, to admit students of any race to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities at its schools, and to make no discrimination on the basis of race in administration of educational policies, application for admission, scholarship programs, and athletic or extra curricular programs.

Under the direction of the North American Division, Bermuda Institute is patterned on the North American system of education. The following chart shows the grade equivalencies that apply.


The school reserves the right to administer an entrance and/or placement examination for applicants. Therefore, no guarantee is made of grade placement. In the case of applicants for Kindergarten, a screening/interview is used to determine readiness.


During the spring of each year Bermuda Institute sends out reapplication forms to each student to determine which students will return the following academic year. All students wishing to return are required to submit the reapplication form with a fee of $30. Those students who do not intend to return are asked to notify the school as soon as possible.

Bermuda Institute reserves the right not to accept re-enrollment due to delinquent tuition and fees, lack of support from parents, or if it deems that we are not able to meet the student’s needs.

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