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Grade 7 Pre Algebra Part I

This course seeks to ensure that the fundamental concepts and opera¬tions of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry are developed and mastered. The content areas include basic number theory; numeration systems; the 6 fundamental operations; the order of operations agreement; the coordinate line and plane; development and use of formulas; and introduction to statistics.

Grade 8 Pre Algebra – Part II

All Grade 7 content will be reinforced in order to maintain the fundamental skills. However, each topic will be further expanded and additional topics will include introduction to set theory and number sets; computing, comparing, and ordering rational numbers; introduction to algebraic concepts and strategies; introduction to relations and functions; statistics and probability.



Grade 7 Bible

The theme of this Bible course is the great controversy between God and Satan. Students trace this warfare from its beginning to the final eradication of sin from the universe.

Grade 8 Bible

This course focuses on Christian growth and the joys of Christian living. Students will discover what God has done to provide for our salvation and why He wants us to become like Him.

Social Studies

Grade 7 - Social Studies

Grade 7 Social Studies covers Orientation to Geography, History, Civics, Politics, Economics, and Religion. The History covers the World emphasis on Roman Empire and Republic, Middle Ages, Europe and Japan Mongols, Vikings, Bubonic Plague: renaissance and Reformation, rises of Islam and Catholicism, Age of Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, Imperialism, and Nationalism and current events. The Civics covers world political systems, law and democratic ideas and their interdependency between people and the environment; and compares physical and cultural characteristics of the region of the world.

Grade 8 - Bermuda History/Civics

The course covers history of Bermuda (Native People, Exploration/Colo-nization, Pre settlement/Settlement, Wars and Global Conflicts, Government Constitution, Industrial, Territorial Expansion, Social and Economic Reform, Modern Bermuda, Current Events.) Civic deals with the role of the Christian citizen in government, branches of Government, constitu¬tional rights, role of laws and how they are made. Geography covers the nature, distribution and migration of human population on the earth's surface, how geography is used to interpret the past, and how human actions modify the environment. Economics covers the meaning of Gross National Product, the role of Bermuda and free enterprise in a global economy, and understand the concept of prices and the interaction of supply and demand in a market economy.

Physical Education


This course provides a well rounded program of drill work, calisthenics, and various supervised individual and group play activities. It is designed to train for leadership and develop good sportsmanship. Intramural activities give the student an opportunity to use the skills learned in class. (2 semesters per year)

Family Studies


Grade 7 Family Studies

This is a course introducing the students to basic hand sewing, embroidery, crochet, cattails and other handcrafts. During the second semester student focus on food and nutrition where they learn how to prepare nutritious meals, set the table, use table manners, and use the kitchen more effectively.

Grade 8 Family Studies

This is a course introducing the students to applying life skills, such as understanding themselves and others and making wise choices regarding life relationships, food and nutrition, and clothing.

Beginning Gardening
A study of the rudiments of basic plant care, landscape design, and the proper use of garden tools, introducing the students to basic propagation techniques for indoor and outdoor ornamentals and garden vegetables. This involves a mix of lecture and practical sessions that cover the fundamentals of square foot gardening, container gardening, basic landscape design and pest control.


Grade 7 - Integrated Science

This is an introductory course which covers the Biblical Principles of Family and Social Health, Physics, Astronomy, and Life Science.

Grade 8 - Integrated Science

This is an introductory course which covers the Biblical Principles of Consumer, Mental & Emotional Health, Chemistry, Creation and Evolution, Botany and Ecology.

Language Arts

Grade 7 Language Arts

A program committed to helping students excel in all areas of language arts. It is designed to encourage students to become competent, fluent writers as they develop an understanding and appreciation of grammatical structure. They will constantly reevaluate, assess, and employ strategies that will make their writing more appealing to the reader. While they are exposed to important, meaningful things from literature, they become critical, independent thinkers and readers.

Grade 8 Language Arts

A program committed to enhancing students’ ability in all areas of language arts—reading comprehension, writing, listening, speaking, and vocabulary development. As students are exposed to different forms of literature, they become competent, critical, independent thinkers and readers.



Grade 7 & 8 - Keyboarding

A general understanding of how a computer functions; hardware and software; impact of computers in society and their future; implications to the quality of modern society; and simple keyboard functions



Two semesters - A foundation course in the principles and tech¬niques of drawing and painting, with emphasis on practical application and creative expression. Automotive Mechanics - Temporarily Discontinued

This course is designed to give students an introduction to the field of automotive mechanics. Topics covered will include the following: automotive history, general aspects of safety, tools and equipment, auto construction and layout, the internal combustion engine, lubrication system, cooling system, ignition system, transmission system, suspension system, braking system, wheels and tires, and electrical system.


Two semesters - The choir is open to qualified students by audition. Various techniques of correct breath control, voice projection, etc. will be taught. Various choral presentations will be done with the con¬stituent churches and the local community.

Concert Band

Two semesters - The study and development of principles of woodwind, brass, percussion instruments. Students are expected to perform in the constituent churches and in the community.


Two semesters - This course focuses on the various aspects of stage performance, technical production, mime, improvisation, character development, voice and movement. The class produces short skits, one act and three act plays. Drama can be used to fulfill half of the fine arts requirement.



An exposure to Spanish, preparing students to undertake the study of the language in high school. Students are introduced to common useful idiom, Spanish culture, and the introductory elements of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

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